Feeling Blue?, the documentary film, positions itself as an emotive, experiential understanding of the mental health landscape at Cambridge University. This document, Findings & Unanswered Questions, takes a more methodical and open-ended approach.

We have deliberately refrained from making conclusions, we are not claiming to be a definitive journalistic endeavour, and we have not framed our research as the end of the discussion - far from it, we implore the University to recognise our findings in their context, and to answer our questions in whatever form its members should deem appropriate. We will, of course, publish a University response, in any form, as an addendum to our film.

We believe that the Feeling Blue? project provides a genuine snapshot into the way mental health is experienced at Cambridge, and we hope that it will be engaged with as such. To download the unabridged version of our Findings & Unanswered Questions, click here.